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Compare Repayment Plans

Now that you know more about the different repayment options available to you, let's take a look at a side by side comparison of the benefits each one offers.

    Click each button to compare the various aspects of each repayment option.

    Please note that all calculations are estimates based on $32,000 in Direct Subsidized Loans at 6.8% interest. Your actual monthly payments and loan costs will vary.
    Total Loan Amount: $32,000 | Interest Rate: 6.8%
    Examples assume Direct Subsidized Loans with a total loan amount of $32,000 on the day repayment begins, 6.8 percent fixed interest rate on non-consolidated loans, no borrower benefits, no pre-payments, and no delinquent payments. Income-Based, Income-Contingent, and Pay As You Earn repayment assumptions:
    • Estimated adjusted gross income of $25,000 with 3 percent annual growth.
    • Household size of one.
    • Household status of single with no dependents.
    • Living in the Continental U.S.
    • The remaining unpaid balance is forgiven or canceled.